Plastic problem in Bali: How our sustainable cosmetics brand is making a positive impact

Plastic problem in Bali: How our sustainable cosmetics brand is making a positive impact

Due to the lack of proper waste management infrastructure and the rise of single-use plastics, Bali is struggling to manage its plastic waste, which is causing damage to its environment, wildlife and tourism industry. As a natural cosmetics brand based in Bali, we’ve recognized the urgency of the situation and are committed to being as sustainable as possible to make a positive impact. In this blog post, we’ll explore the problem of plastic pollution in Bali and how at Bali Life we’re working to reduce our ecological footprint and inspire others to do the same.

A modern issue handled with outdated methods

Bali is famous for its stunning beaches, lush greenery and rich culture. However, beneath the surface lies a serious problem that threatens its beauty and vitality – the plastic pollution. This has become a major concern for the island as its tourism industry continues to expand and, with the lack of education on how to manage waste, Bali has struggled to keep up with the influx of plastic waste.

For generations, rubbish disposal was not a significant concern in Bali and traditional practices involved burning residues, which were usually organic, leaving behind only ashes. However, when plastic was introduced to the island, older generations didn’t have the knowledge to handle it and the issue began to escalate. Unfortunately, this has led to plastic waste being dumped in landfills, rivers and oceans. As plastic is not biodegradable, it can take hundreds of years to decompose, if at all. This means that this situation isn’t only affecting the present, but also the years to come. The plastic problem in Bali is alarming, but there is hope for a better future.

Driving the island towards sustainability

Fortunately, the
new generations in Bali are becoming more aware of the importance of environmental sustainability and are taking action towards a cleaner and greener future for the island. They understand that plastic pollution isn’t just an environmental issue, but a social and economic one as well. It affects the health and wellbeing of the people and the island's economy, which is heavily reliant on tourism. Therefore, they’re taking proactive steps towards reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable practices.

Local communities are setting up beach cleanups and waste management programs to keep their neighborhoods clean. Schools are incorporating sustainability into their curriculums, teaching children how to reduce their plastic use and recycle properly. Organizations are collaborating with businesses to create eco-friendly alternatives and promote sustainable tourism.

These efforts aren’t going unnoticed. There is a growing movement in Bali towards sustainability, with more businesses and organizations adopting eco-friendly practices. The island is showing that change is possible and that it starts with the actions of individuals and communities.

Bali Life and our commitment with sustainability

As a company born and raised in Bali, we want the best for the island.
We believe that sustainability isn’t just a buzzword, but a necessary approach to creating a better future for Bali. That's why we’ve made it our mission to build a brand that revolves around green actions.

All of our products are made with locally sourced ingredients, which supports the local farmers and reduces the carbon footprint of our products. We use only natural ingredients, which are safer for the environment and for our customers. We're proud to be a cruelty-free brand, which means that we don't test our products on animals. This ethical choice is important to us because we believe that all living beings should be treated with respect and kindness. In addition, we've made a conscious effort to reduce our waste by using recycled packaging. This not only reduces our impact on the environment, but also creates a circular economy where waste is reused and repurposed. We've also established a refill station at our shop, which encourages our customers to reuse containers and reduce their own waste.

In conclusion, the plastic problem in Bali is a major issue, but a brighter future is possible. The new generations in Bali are taking action and companies like Bali Life are doing their part to promote sustainability. By being conscious and making small changes in our daily lives, we can all contribute to a more sustainable world, not only for Bali but for the entire planet.

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