The beginning of our Sustainable Journey of Bali Life Bodycare

The beginning of our Sustainable Journey of Bali Life Bodycare

Dear our customers and friends from all over the world,

On behalf of Bali Life Bodycare, I would like to thank each of you for your support, for trusting us, and for enjoying our products.

The idea of Bali Life was born two years ago and that was the moment when our world started to face a new challenge. We had a slow and hard start but today I’m proud and happy to see Bali Life growing thanks to the wonderful team. We are transparent, we work in a relaxed and productive atmosphere where effective communication takes place.

Today, we are proud to announce that Bali Life Bodycare embarks on a sustainable journey.

PT. GoSustainable Consulting Indonesia will help Bali Life Bodycare to learn how to achieve a better quality of our lives through our business practices, protect our ecosystem and preserve natural resources and local wisdom/traditions for future generations. Going green and sustainable is not only beneficial for our company. It also maximizes the benefit from an environmental focus for a long-term, and that is what we are looking forward to.

Bali Life Bodycare having long-term goals for the future, this is one of the reasons why we decided to collaborate with GoSustanaible. They will accompany us and navigate our brand Bali Life Bodycare to shift our business practices to be environmentally and socially sustainable to a maximum extent. We wish to offer you excellent products and share another vision to the world through our brand.

Our planet needs to be healed. The more we learn about climate change, the more we notice the urgency for Bali Life Bodycare to start taking responsible actions towards sustainability.

Together with GoSustainable, we will look into all aspects of our operation from sourcing, production, packaging, shipping, distribution, and recycling, from a sustainability perspective. Bali Life Bodycare will place sustainability as the core of our brand concept and business practices. As a brand that has its production in Bali and exports products to as far as Europe, mitigating climate change through reducing greenhouse gases emission sounds like an enormous challenge.

Our strategy to tackle that is to share every thought and step with all our stakeholders such as you.

These are some of the thoughts we have at the moment.

Bali Life Bodycare is looking for the best sustainable alternative to traditional plastic containers. We are aware that the lifetime of common containers is much longer than the period between the time of production and the time it’s emptied and ended up in a bin. We discuss how our products could fit in the circular economy by minimizing the use of non-recoverable, non-biodegradable materials. We are keen on figuring out the possibility in the future for converting traditional fuel to sustainable biofuel for shipping our products. We may consider moving the bottling process to the destination because it is more energy-efficient.

Even if the solutions are not immediately available, or not cost-effective at this moment, we believe that as long as we keep being connected with like-minded stakeholders and keep an eye out, we should be able to find the best solutions at the earliest possible time.

We are looking forward to learning and sharing opportunities and further collaboration for sustainable innovation, both locally and globally.

There is another pillar for our sustainable journey, which is social impact.

Bali teaches us to see with our eyes beyond what we could have imagined if we were not based on this island. Bali as a popular tourist destination felt the huge impact of Covid-19. Over 30% of the working population has lost jobs.

We have been witnessing some farmers giving away vegetables, some thriving business owners purchase wrapped meals from small food stalls and distribute them to those who can’t afford, and some foundations set up emergency kitchens to serve freshly prepared food for villagers. We believe Bali Life Bodycare can also be a business as a force for good, through empowering the local communities.

Currently, we are preparing to work with a local organization that supports people with mental health issues. This foundation produces virgin coconut oil to generate income for funding their activities. Through purchasing their oil, Bali Life Bodycare supports this foundation that makes a significant difference to the quality of lives of people in need.

In collaboration with GoSustainable, Bali Life Bodycare will keep sharing the stories behind our business practices. We would like to be authentic by being honest. We appreciate your support and patience during this long journey.

Please imagine, when you enjoy our products, you are connected to hundreds of people in Bali. The farmers, the factory workers who are young mothers, the package makers, the bamboo weavers, the transporters, and all of their family members.

Thank you again, our dear customers and friends.
Your comments and messages are always welcomed. That means a lot to us and is much appreciated.

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