Urban Legend of Bali

Urban Legend of Bali

Long ago there was a Brahmana named Sidhimantra and he has a son named Manik Angkeran. They lived in the King of Doha, Bali. Brahmana itself is a faction in Hindu belief that came from the aristocratic background which master science, knowledge of wisdom, traditions and religion. This faction consists of priests, religionists or Brahmins.

Manik Angkeran was an intelligent child. Unfortunately, he can be easily influenced by his friends.


One day, he saw his friends gamble on the cock fight (cock fight is one of many traditions in Bali) and it gained his interest. He thought, earning money can be this easy, so he doesn’t have to work hard, just simply gamble on the cock fight and he will bring home a lot of money.

Indeed, he tried his luck on the cock fight and he is so happy that he can win easily. He collected more and more money until he becomes greedy. Finally, he is running out of luck. He often loses and starts losing his money. He owes a lot of money to his friends because he has to pay his lost. There was one time Manik Angkeran stole his father’s money and gets caught by his father.

Until one day, he doesn’t have anything left to pay his debt. He was so desperate and seeks for help from his father. His father Siddhimantra, then pray to ask for guidance on how he can help his son and suddenly he receives a divine whisper that told him, “Meet the Naga Besukih (Naga means Dragon in Bahasa Indonesia), in Mount Agung. Kindly ask him to help you with a little of his wealth to pay your son’s debts”.


When Sidhimantra arrives in the Mount Agung, he rings his bell and then come out Naga Besukih. Sidhimantra then tell Naga Besukih about his purpose on coming to meet him. Touched by the wishes of as father for his son’s sake, Naga Besukih then agrees to help them and gives Sidhimantra a little bit of his gold and gems. Sidhimantra thank him for his help and bring the gold and gems home.

He gave the treasure to his son, hoping his son will pay his debts and try a new life. Instead, Manik Angkeran uses the treasures to gamble again and nothing left in the end. He then come to his father and seeks for another help, but the Sidhimantra was disappointed and refuse to help his son. Manik Angkeran then found out about his father’s magic bell that he uses to call upon Naga Besukih.

He brought that little bell to Mount Agung and asks for a help from Naga Besukih.


Naga Besukih was curious, but then agrees to help him for the last time. Naga Besukih did not know that Manik Angkeran has followed him into his cave. There, Manik Angkeran was stunned by the tons of treasures that are kept by Naga Besukih. Suddenly, his bad intention arises and he draws his sword against Naga Besukih’s body. Surprised that he is attacked by the person he is going to help, Naga Besukih was injured, but then easily catched Manik Angkeran that was about to run. He was so furious and spit fire from his mouth until Manik Angkeran burned into ashes.

Meanwhile, Sidhimantra realized that he has lost his bells, he knows that his son must have stole it and go to see Naga Besukih. Sidhimantra was devastated then knowing his son has burned into ashes. He then begged Naga Besukih to resurrect his son. Naga Besukih approves, with one condition. Manik Angkeran must stay in the Mount Agung and become Naga Besukih’s student.

He is not allowed to see his father again. Both agree, and then Naga Besukih resurrects Manik Angkeran. After Manik Angkeran was resurrected, Sidhimantra then pull out his wand to make a line on the ground that separates him and his son. Suddenly there were water and more water coming out of the line like a flood.

That line renowned as the Bali strait we know today.

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