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Bali Life Body Care

Pohon Body Lotion

Pohon Body Lotion

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Enriched with shea butter, Pohon Body Lotion highly nourishes dry and rough skin while leaving it with an exotic and delicate fragrance. Its natural ingredients are meant to support the skin barrier, comfort sore skin, keep skin supple and lift the mood.

Pohon Body Lotion contains sedap malam flower, also known as “night queen” since it only blooms and liberates its aroma after the sun sets. Sedap malam contains vitamin C, which promotes cell renewal and gives the skin a healthy appearance. This flower also has soothing properties and helps maintain the elasticity and luminosity of the skin. The other main ingredient of Pohon Body Lotion is sandalwood oil, which helps nourish the skin, improves the elasticity of skin and brightens the skin. It has also shown to be beneficial in reducing the appearance of scars.